24 November 2009

Tne Albatross Sleeps the Night

For my 200th post I am announcing that I am no longer shooting albatross.

I'm writing on another blog.


Hope to see you there.
It's been a blast.

03 September 2009


Puppies are undeniably cute. Especially French bulldog puppies.
Videos of puppies doing things...it can be anything really...are cute.


But...isn't it kind of sick that whoever shot this video decided to shoot the video instead of...i don't know...helping their dog roll over?

Am I wrong?

02 September 2009

That's My Philosophy

I think college would have been much more unpredictable and scary if we all had three or four professors like this or this.

I did have a philosophy professor who scared the shit out of everybody, intimated he may have been tortured, smoked and held a pipe during class and may have been involved in amatuer kickboxing. He kind of looked like Sagat from Street Fighter II without the eyepatch. I've never seen the two of them in the same place at the same time...so let's just say that Sagat tought me philosophy.

01 September 2009

You'll Never See This Face Again

I love this kid because he's taking things so seriously. I just want to shake some sense into him and tell him to chill out. I really can't help laughing at him. Kids are cute that way, when they're acting like they're really going to run away.

I almost ran away when I was about that age, but I only made it to between the two cars in our carport. I think my parents, after realizing that I wasn't lost forever, had a nice laugh about it.

26 August 2009

The Easter Bunny

I found this video on fark and I thought it should be shared with the world. I'm amazed that it's not staged. The woman who is being interviewed is either a extremely crazy or a genius of the highest caliber.

You decide.

24 August 2009

Dear The Economist,

What's so great about Pittsburgh?


18 August 2009

I received an email from Netflix reading:

For Wednesday, August 19: Repulsion

Now I knew it meant that I was receiving the 1965 Polanski film, but I was kind of amazed that sometimes Netflix could also predict what I'm going to be feeling about my life on a given day.

I hope sometime in the near future it's less Repulsion and Life on Mars and more Happy Go Lucky.